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Creative2 Reference

Creative2 is FrostCraft’s build team server. It runs Spigot 1.12 with a number of building-related plugins.


Spigot — dealing with a non-vanilla server and using plugins
List of plugins — installed plugins
Essentials — general commands
Multiverse — manipulate multiple worlds, per-world settings
PermissionsEx — manipulate users and groups

Spigot and general info

Since this server is running spigot, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Firstly, many of the farms and technical minecrafty things we do on the survival server won’t work. But that shouldn’t matter since this server is for working on aesthetic things.

Working with plugins

We have plugins. These are little packages of code you can add to a Bukkit/Spigot server to extend it to perform more advanced things or allow more granular control over certain aspects of the game.

Plugins are loaded from the plugins/ directory on the server. Many are highly configurable, with configuration files located in individual directories within the plugins directory.

Dealing with duplicate commands

Often, two plugins may register commands with the same name, or a plugin may register a command with the same name as a builtin vanilla or Bukkit command. In this case, both commands can still be accessed, but only one will be accessible by simply typing /COMMAND ARGUMENTS. If you wish to access any others, the command must be typed as /PLUGIN:COMMAND ARGUMENTS. This tells the server to execute COMMAND belonging to PLUGIN with the given arguments.

For example, in order to execute the vanilla /gamemode command, it is necessary to use the plugin name minecraft to execute the vanilla command. In cases where you wish to execute a Bukkit command instead, it is necessary to use bukkit as the plugin name.

So to switch yourself to creative mode using the vanilla command, you can execute the command /minecraft:gamemode. If you think this is a unnecessarily and hopelessly verbose way of switching gamemodes, don’t despair! Essentials offers quick gamemode switching with the /gm command. (see the Essentials section for more details)

List of plugins

Links go to the original pages for the plugins, not to documentation on this page.

Essentials — general commands. The chat module is also installed. We are using the EssentialsX fork.
Multiverse — multiple worlds functionality. We are using dev build 736.
Fast Async WorldEdit/VoxelSniper — for building
goBrush — for terraforming
goPaint — for painting
F3NPerm — quick switching using F3-N instead of /gm
Vault — dependency for EssentialsX


Essentials has many useful and fun general commands for the server, many of which are available for all members to use on the build server.

Note that where you specify a PLAYER in Essentials, you can put the entire Minecraft username, or some portion of it starting at the beginning of the username. For example, with the username BlockyPlays, it’s ok to use Blocky instead in Essentials commands, provided that no other user online has a username beginning with Blocky. Otherwise, Essentials will pick a user beginning with that name, which may or may not be the one you meant.

The official command reference can be found here.


/feed [PLAYER] — replenishes PLAYER’s hunger, or your own hunger if not specified.
/fly [PLAYER] — toggles fly mode for PLAYER, or for yourself if not specified. This is useful for flying in survival or adventure mode.
/gm MODE [PLAYER] — sets gamemode to MODE (shorten survival to s, creative to c, and spectator to sp, and use /gms, /gmc, and /gmsp as well)
/god [PLAYER] — toggles god mode (you won’t take damage)


The builders' creative server uses Multiverse for world management. This allows us to dynamically manage worlds and manipulate world downloads and schematics without having to set the main creative world.

Server maintenance: In case you move worlds into the server directory, be sure to set permissions on them such that the server can read and write to them. One option is to change its ownership with chown -R OWNER:GROUP WORLD, matching OWNER and GROUP with the UNIX owner and group of the server itself. (MineOS will run the server with that user.) Another option is to allow all users to write, with chmod -R 777 WORLD, though this isn’t really a good idea in case someone other than the server admins gain access to the machine somehow.


/mv tp WORLDNAME — teleport to the world specified.
/mv rule GAMERULE VALUE — set a vanilla gamerule GAMERULE to VALUE.
/mv modify set monsters true/false [WORLD] — enable or disable monster spawning in WORLD, or the current world if not specified.


In order to allow users access to all commands they might need, we are using a permissions plugin called PermissionsEx. This plugin allows us to declare permissions for groups or users, and add users to groups. It also handles prefixes for usernames.

In FrostCraft, because we trust the members, everyone has the same permissions, except operators, who are additionally allowed to perform management functions like kicking/banning people, manipulating the whitelist and Multiverse worlds, and manipulating permissions.

Configured groups

Though you can add more groups through the command interface, it’s actually much simpler to edit the permissions file in plugins/PermissionsEx/permissions.yml. We’ve already defined some groups, mostly just for fun and for chat formatting. (except operators, as mentioned earlier)

member — a member (this is the default)
builder — a member of the build team
tech — a member of the tech team
support — a member of the server support team
operator — an operator

Manipulating users

/pex user USER group set GROUP — set USER’s group to GROUP.